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The main purpose of Top Elite recruitment is to help job seekers find new jobs, while helping companies find the right people for their open positions.

Talent identification 

Top Elite works with both employers looking for talent, as well as professionals seeking new opportunities. We are therefore uniquely positioned to act as a middleman between the two parties. Our recruitment consultants possess valuable insight into how to avoid hiring undesirable candidates.                                                                             .  

Top Elite recruitment takes on the task of finding suitable candidates for a job once an employer has created a job opening and established the position's requirements. An ideal candidate is often the one who is not actively seeking a new position but is willing to pursue one if the right opportunity presented itself. Our recruitment  have strong networks and can pinpoint where to find these individuals.

 Specialist recruitment knowledge

Our staff specialise in recruiting within a particular market or industry. Therefore, they have a better understanding of technical roles and the skills they require. This allows them to identify transferrable skills which may be missed by others.

 Industry insight

One benefit of working with Top Elite is the fact we spend all day, every day, assisting businesses across a wide spectrum of industries with their staffing needs. Due to this, we have significant expertise and insight into the jobs market, on the international, national, and local levels, which employers can draw upon when planning recruitment strategies.

 Deliver interim professionals

Top Elite have available candidates on hand, who are eager to begin working right away, which means there is no time wasted getting these individuals up to speed and your company does not suffer a delay in any of its projects.

 Candidate screenings

When a business uses a traditional hiring process, they are normally only able to make decisions based on CV’s and interviews. When deciding which candidates to interview, you have very little information to work with. As a result, you may never even interview the best candidate.

Top Elite screen candidates by conducting in-depth interviews, tests, and other processes before submitting them to you for an interview. With a deeper understanding of their candidates' personalities and traits, We can better predict how well they will fit into your organisation.


What Talent Are you Looking For ?

What Talent Are You Looking For? picture

What Talent Are You Looking For?

1. Tell Us What Staff You Need


Let us know what position you’re recruiting for, and what work experience, qualifications and skills an ideal candidate need to have. Top Elite Recruitment, “we get the best for the best”!


2. We Will Find You The Best Candidates


An experienced recruiter will engage with you – help you find the best candidates, match them with your requirements and introduce them to you. From job analysis, recruitment advertising, background screening to , all the way on your side. Put our established sourcing network to work for you!


3. We Will Arrange Interviews For You


While you interview the top Candidates, we will do background checks to ensure that you are appointing the best candidate for the position, staff retention is a key consideration in our process. We will help you negotiate the appointment. No fees unless you hire*.


* Our services are for free. A placement fee becomes payable when a candidate is appointed.

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What Career Path are you interested in ?





Computer Technology

Customer Care

Health care

Human Resources 







Nurse Practitioner



Physical Therapist


Web Developer


Business Analyst

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Job Seekers


Measured Ability finds work for all kinds of people, from top level management to general workers on a factory floor. In order for us to get your CV to the right person email your resume to  [email protected]


By this we mean general workers, packers, pickers, cleaners, drivers. Or unexperienced and new to the labour market. Your CV will be handed over to our Temporary Employment Services division. This division would mainly provide temporary or seasonal placements, but these can sometimes lead to a permanent position.


Please note that we do not advertise all of our vacancies, especially the temporary general ones. So the best thing to do is to send us your CV to ensure that when we have a suitable vacancy for you, that we have your details.

Even if there is nothing suitable for your skills right now, we might get the perfect vacancy for you next week. If we don’t have your CV then you will never come up in our searches when we are looking for candidates. So before you go searching through our available vacancies, you should send us your CV to [email protected]


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